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As a leading manufacturer of copper and optical fibre cables, B3 International provides the

foundations for global connectivity and telecommunications. As we continue to move through an

age of technological innovation, the demand for improved communication networks, industrial

environments and building management is constantly growing. We are committed to designing

and delivering a host of innovative new services and solutions that meet the increasing demands of

technological age and that will enable us to competitively enter more demanding markets.

C o m p a n y P r o f i l e

Through years of cultivated experience and expertise, our World Class manufacturing operations

based in Europe meet the demands of a Global supply chain. B3 International continue to market

and deliver a broad range of products and we pride ourselves on being a superior high quality

manufacturer of cables across the Globe. B3 International manufacture and supply an extensive

range of quality approved cables, these include: Paired Cables, Multi Conductor Cables, Fire Alarm

Cables, Fire Resistant Cables, Coaxial Cables, Data Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Optical Fiber

Cables and Connectivity.

The extensiveness of our products allow vast usability by our partners in applications such as;

Building Automation, Security, Audio/Video, SMATV, Fire Alarm and Voice & Data. In turn, our

voluminous products enable us to efficiently service many market sectors and our cables are

currently found in; Airports, Health Care, Education, Finance, Hospitality and Commercial sectors.

Our philosophy at B3 International is to guarantee superior quality and ensure long term

customer satisfaction. We enjoy a well established culture of effective business improvements that

emphasises our position globally as a preferred cable partner. We endeavour to build upon and

grow from our existing history, continuing to invest in future development of our cabling products

and services which will secure our position as a market leader in the cabling world.




Our environmental policy at B3 International is

a continuous initiative and our ISO 14001

certification can be seen as one of our success

in reducing our impact on the environment we

live in.

As an environmentally cautious manufacturer

of cable and cable accessories, we are

committed to reduce the energy intensity in all

of our activities and not to use any

environmental hazardous substances in our


In addition to our ISO14001 accreditation, we

also ensure compliance with the RoHs directive

that the use of the outlined materials in the

directive are restricted to be within the

permitted levels in all products supplied by B3


We also follow the European union's REACH

regulation as well as the WEEE Direction.

At B3 International we are proud over our

quality. As an ISO9001 accredited

organization, we continuously strive towards

our high set quality goals.

We are committed to develop, produce and

deliver products that meet our customers

’expectations for performance, quality, life

cycle and safety. Our R&D team is always

designing our products to meet or exceed the

latest standards applicable and is

continuously testing the items throughout

the manufacturing cycle to ensure a

continuously and stable quality of our






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Copper Connectivity

Patch Panels

Empty Snap-In Panels or Pre-

Assembled Panels, based on

Keystones Jacks or PCB models.

From Cat3 to Cat6a.

Fiber Optical Cables

Faceplates and Outlets

A wide range of outlets and face-

plates specifically designed for

several regions in the world.

Fully compliant with all our

Keystones supporting both

commercial as well as residential


Keystone Jacks

Shielded and Unshielded Jacks,

Keystone Jacks, Shielded and

Unshielded Jacks from Cat3 to

Cat6a, in either Toolless or punch

down versions.

Patch Cords

Patchcords from Cat5e to Cat6a,

shielded or unshielded, 100%


Cable Management Bars

Cable Management Bars with or

without front covers, available in

lu or 2u.


Industrial IP67 solution for

faceplates and connectors

supporting high demand


Category Lan Cables

Twisted Pair Cables especially

designed for carrying signals

according to TIA/EIA 568C-2 and

ISO 11801 supporting

applications such as Ethernet,

Voice, Video and other. From

Cat3 and Cat7a.

Tight Buffered and Indoor Cables

Especially design for indoor

applications such as Short Run Office

Cabling, Datacentre, FTTx and

Telecommunication Applications.

Available in Multimode, and Single

mode and in a variety of sheath


Central Loose Tube

Fibre Optical Cables in a Central

Loose Tube (CLT) design, Single

mode, Multimode, with or wihout

armour and available in several outer

sheath materials. It supports

backbone cabling, telecom, and

secondary data distribution.

Multi Loose Tube

Fibre Optical Cables (FOC) in a Multi

Loose Tube (MLT) design, Single

Mode, or Multimode, with or without

armour and available in several outer

sheath materials it supports

backbone cabling, telecom, and

building interconnect applications.

Micro Cables - CLT & MLT

Fibre Optical Cables (FOC) especially

designed to be installed by blowing

technique. Available in ultra-small

dimensions in both CLT and MLT

Design, providing excellent fibre

density to its size. Max 864F.


Building & Industrial

Paired Cables

Cables supporting General

Interface Applications such as

RS-485, RS-422, RS-232, KNX/EIB,

LonWorks, Devicenet, GIP etc.

Multi Conductor Cables

These cables are suitable for

Building Management Systems

(BMS) and applications such as

Sound, Audio, Security, Safety,

Control and Instrumentation


Fire Detection & Alarm Cables

Based on Twisted pairs for fire

detection and alarm cables. Type

FPLR rated at 105 deg.

Fire Resistant Cables

Suitable for Security, Safety,

Control, and Instrumentation

with special requirement on

circuit integrity in case of fire.

BS6387 Compliant.

Coaxial Cables

Coax designed for CCTV, SMATV,

CATV, HDTV, RF Communication

and Data Transmission.

Category Lan Cables

Twisted Pair Cables especially

designed for carrying signals

according to TIA/EIA 568C-2 and

ISO 11801 supporting

applications such as Ethernet,

Voice, Video and other. From

Cat3 to Cat7a.

DEF Stan Cables

Originally designed for Military

applications. Used in High

Density wiring between and

within instruments and

electronic equipment and/or

components. Process control,

computers, sound system etc.

Instrumentation Cables

For Analogue or digital signals in

industrial process plants where

chemical protection is needed.

BS 5308 types.

Tray Cables

Are used in control and power

applications in chemical plants,

steel mills, industrial plants,

utility substations and

generating stations, as well as

commercial buildings. We offer

both PLTC 300v and Flexible Tray

Cable for 600v in a variety of

different insulations and sheath

compounds, armoured as well as


Control Cables

Commonly used for

interconnect, measure and

regulate processor aided

production within industry and

as flexible power control in

robotics and automation.

Media & Lighting Contol Cables

Cables for light control

applications, window shades,

dimmer controls etc.


Fiber Connectivity

Adaptors & Attenuators

Fibre Optical Adaptors and

attenuators in a wide variety of

connector interfaces.

Telecommunication Cables

Splice and Termination

A wide range of products from

Optical Distribution Frames and

Fibre Panels to Splice Cassettes

and Optical Termination Boxes as

well as storage trays and

accessories to ensure long term

reliable and flexible solutions.


Surface Mount Boxes and

modules suitable for faceplates

in both residential and

commercial applications are


Patch Cords & Pigtails

Fibre Optical Patchcords and

pigtails available in a wide range

of connectors and choices of

fibre types supporting Local Area

Networks, Datacentre, CATV

telecommunication and video


PLC Splitters

Planar Light Circuit (PLC)

Splitters, available in box or

micro type, IXN or 2XN. Can be

ordered pre-connectorised.


A large selection of accessories

for fibre optical connectivity such

as field connectors, Splice

protection sleeves, Inserts etc.


Manufacture towards British

Telecom Specification CW1308,

this cable range is used for

internal connection of telephone

systems and other

communications equipment.


The CW1128/1179 is designed for

outdoor access and trunk

network applications.


Milan, Italy

Address: Via Monte Napoleone 8,

20121, Milan (MI), Italy

Phone: +39 02 8732 3325

Email: info.it@b3cable.com

Dubai, UAE

Address: Dubai Airport Freezone,

6WA Building 706. Dubai, UAE

Phone: +971 4 231 4810

Email: info.me@b3cable.com

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